Sunday, May 20, 2007

Eighty reasons...

Compiled by Norda and John Emmett

1. All six Emmett children and many of their families gave us a birthday party.
2. We received a beautiful book of 80 reasons why our family loves us.
3. Such nice written memories by some of the family.
4. The birthday dinner was delicious and we only provided the salt and pepper.
5. We received beautiful flower arrangements.
6. We received good books - mysteries, humorous and religious.
7. We received good C.D.’s, music, histories, and biographies.
8. And several pecan rolls.
9. A nice clean car.
10. The lawn mowed.
11. The garden planted,
12. The security “cameras” put in place.
13. Our own Emmetsville Blog.
14. A flaming purple and white birthday cake with 80 candles.
15. Good funeral potatoes.
16. Delicious fruit plate.
17. Tasty marinated and grilled pork.
18. Good rolls.
19. Carbo salads for the runners and just plain good salad for others.
20. Made from scratch German Chocolate cake - really very good.
21. Throw away cups, plates and utensils made for an easier clean up.
22. We say that because the eighty year olds just sat and visited.
23. We have been taken out to dinner, because we are eighty.
24. We received gift cards for flowers and to Hamiliton’s, Cafe Sabor and Olive Garden.
25. We don’t enjoy dancing at 80 but love watching the great-grandchildren dance.
26. We really enjoy the Blog; it is so fun to see and hear about the family.
27. Thanks to all who send letters and photos for the family letters. Thanks! Thanks!
28. We love hearing about all accomplishments; ”when it’s family it ain’t bragging”.
29. When you’re 80 there are many happy memories from the past:
30. A green Toyota with brown spots all over it. “I thought the cow would move.”
31. Rusty brown real leather pants.
32. Spiral leg fracture while skiing.
33. Broken foot bone jumping off the high ‘cannon ball’ bed.
34. Broken right leg and left arm after a car hit the biker.
35. Appendectomy and hernia surgery just before piano recitals.
36. Listening to “Big Band” music on the way to any ski area, mostly Beaver.
37. Watching Logan High musicals and listening to the orchestra.
38. Going to Lewiston and Hyrum to watch the Logan High band march.
39. Going to Lewiston and Hyrum to watch the Hi Lo’s perform and march.
40. Ski trips to Targhee
41. House boat trips to Lake Powell.
42. Leaving a boy at the restaurant in West Chicago
43. Leaving a boy at Safeway’s in Glenwood Springs.
44. Being invited to Bear Lake to the Daines and Nielson cabins.
45. Disneyland not being very crowded on Thanksgiving Day.
46. Our fiftieth anniversary celebration at the beach
47. Going to the San Diego Temple with our family.
48. Going to grandchildren’s weddings, where ever they may be.
49. Peach Days in Brigham, parade, peaches and ice cream.
50. Helping or playing in the water during irrigating time at in Brigham.
51. Grandma Emmetts ”swimming pool”.
52. Memories of the Grandparents, curry, root beer floats, snowflakes, red Comet, etc.
53. Christmas morning and Grandpa Fife guarding the stairs ‘til “Santa” was ready.
54. Planting time at the Twin Pine Ranch with the grandparents instructing everyone.
55. Watching grandchildren ride on Grandma Fife’s wheelchair.
56. Having children help load and push Grandma’s wheelchair.
57. Living in Providence with a sheep or a goat in the back yard.
58. Did the new baby get the Similac or did the goat? Who got the Enfamil?
59. Who licked all the frosting off the neighbors cake.
60. Who re-frosted the cake and took it to the church for an after funeral meal?
61. Which boys were dressed like the tin woodman for Halloween?
62. Cannibals?
63. Learning where all the ancestors are buried in Brigham – all over the cemetery.
64. Going to the Logan cemetery and having curry later with many Emmett cousins.
65. Remember when poor Lask (for Alaska) caught a porcupine?
66. Listening to Lask howl on the 4th of July.
67. She got to come in the house during the fireworks because she was so frightened.
68. Remember gathering pine nuts with the Burnett’s near Strevel, Idaho.
69. Watching children and grandchildren do the Maypole dance at the Adams School.
70. One bad trip – moving to La Habra.
71. Many good trips – England, Illinois State College, Nauvoo, Germany, So. Cal., Israel, etc.
72. Favorite Hi Lo Dance – “Strike Up The Band” – Mary helped choreograph it.
73. Favorite piano recital announcement ¬ - “I will play ‘The Dance of The Ga-Nomes’ “.
74. Second worse move – moving back to Utah from Fort Devens.
75. Eating meals cooked in an Easy Bake Oven.
76. Trip to Augusta, Montana, and the Seattle World’s Fair.
77. Watching Grandpa Fife getting gored by a buffalo at Thermopolis, Wyoming.
78. We also learned that buffalo run very fast and “Moose Eat Weeds”.
79. We had a wonderful time at Targhee last August – thanks to all.
80. We are truly blessed with a great family and we love all the many other memories.

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