Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day 2008 at Twin Pine Ranch

Who knew curry could be so good? Well, I guess the answer is we all knew it. The traditional H. Roland and Harriett D. Emmett feast continues with an ever growing prosteriety (in fact, the number increased by one at about 6:05pm today with the arrival of Lily Emmett - more on that later). Some members of the 4th and 5th generations were seen eating corn dogs rather than curry, but that's OK. Salads, fruit, veggies, chocolate pie, strawberry cake, various cookies and lemon bars provided all with more than the minimum number of required calories for an Ironman in training. With rain in the forecast for much of Monday, trips to the Brigham City and Logan Cemetaries took place on Sunday afternoon leaving Monday open to a day of travel, family fun and plenty of food.

Sorry Paige..... I know I promised you full editorial rights, but I think that we needed to see the always cute Laura, Paige and Adrienne enjoying the day.

"Where's my mommy?" Well, she's on her way to the hospital!!! Tuesday you'll be able to go visit your mom and your new baby sister Lily. Way to go Beth!!

Chad and the Hickman cousins, Allison, Ann and Heather

How does Alex do it? I seem to keep running into this shed.

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