Monday, September 22, 2008

Springville soccer season

Joel has blossomed into quite the soccer player. Participating in a BYU soccer camp last summer certainly helped. At the beginning of the season a neighbor offered his son $5 for any goal he made. Joel then came to me with a similar proposal. How could I say no? I had to keep up with the Hodsons. Joel's first three goals came on the two nights when I had work duties. I finally got to see a goal last saturday. I'm now happily out $20, but have added a new rule that there is a $20 limit on the season (at least coming from my wallet)

This kick resulted in his fourth goal of the season

While Joel plays soccer, Sarah has blossomed into a babysitter extraordinare. She entertains the gang of four kids on our street (all have big brothers on Joel's team) with all kinds of creative play. Two moms were so appreciative of her kinder care while they watch the games that they gave Sarah $20.

Will and his new spiderman back pack for his first day of two-mornings-a week pre-school.


  1. aahhhh.. soccer, baby sitting and spiderman. sounds a lot like Logan. Looking good kids!

  2. Way to go Joel! I put a good word in for you to the EIU soccer coach.

  3. So, does Will get 20 bucks for wearing his Spiderman backpack as well as Joel kicks soccer balls and Sarah tends soccer siblings, because I can tell he does just as great a job at it!

    Well done!

  4. How could you not love a family like that? As near as we can tell, Chad and Marie are continuing to do a great job raising their "brood" - congratulations to all.

  5. Great kids. Fun times. I'm going to have to have Uncle Tom order me a Sypder bag so I can hang with Will.

  6. Look at those skills! I think Clark's soccer has improved from all the soccer games with Joel and Alex.