Sunday, March 14, 2010


For the past few Wednesdays, Will and Marie have been getting together at various parks with women and children from the Jerusalem Branch. Last Wednesday, Will and friends had a great time collecting snails (Thanks to Amy Sowards for the photo).

The BYU students have created a facebook account entitled "Overheard at the JC 2010" where they record everything funny or embarrassing that anyone says. Our kids are on the list. Here are a few entries posted by various students:

Will Emmett: You don't want to touch me, I have snail hands! (after his return from a successful play group)

Will Emmett: How come you guys can't wear short sleeve pants?

Joel and Will Emmett: "you need to shave. you look ugly. sinner stash!" (said to one of the last holdouts in a mustache growing brotherhood)

Professor Hamblin: "you guys are just like Will Emmett, I get you going & I can't calm you down. So then I turn him over to his mom."

Will: (speaking loudly) I HAVE BATMAN PAJAMAS AND THERE IS A TOP AND A BOTTOM AND (switches into a whisper) there's a cape.

‎(Sister Emmett finds Joel and Will playing badminton in the hallway.)
Sister Emmett: Hey, let's go in the gym so we're not disrupting people.
Eric Cook: Oh, okay.

Brother Emmett: You actually sing about getting thrust down to hell... it's a great hymn (talking in class about the wheat and the tares and the old hymn Tho in the Outward Church Below)

Student 1: Jeremiah went through so much and never complained.
Brother Emmett: I wouldn't say he NEVER complained.
Student 2: Ya, he wrote a book called "Lamentations."

Bro Emmett: "A non member passing the Sacrament. What can you do?" (telling a story about the joys of serving in the Cambodian branch)

Old man visiting church today (literally overheard): Maybe if they'd pay more tithing here they could turn the heat on in this place! (posted on March 6 on a cold rainy day--the center can be quite drafty)

Me listening to a guide at Neot Kedumim--a very informative Biblical park we visited on our last field trip (thanks to Gayle Brown from the photo). Tomorrow begins the 10 day Galilee field trip. Marie and the kids will join us for the weekend.

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  1. Will sounds like a fount of all wisdom plus a very interesting son. Good luck during the Galilee trip to you all.