Monday, March 7, 2011

Boys will be boys

Saturday the Emmett Boys went to the final regular season BYU basketball game. Jimmer and the rest of the boys did not disappoint in their victory over Wyoming. Joel loves watching BYU play and even Will (attending his first BYU basketball game) got into the fun of watching all of the 3-pointers. The boys joined the Cosmo club (dad payed $40 each) for the season which gave them a t-shirt, tickets to two football games and tickets to five basketball games. We shared most of the basketball tickets with Joel's Webelo den two weeks ago when nine of the boys attended the Colorado game.
The student section was almost as fun to watch as the BYU team. They are well choreographed with chants, dances, waves and cheers.
For half time Joel got a $3.50 Sprite and Will a $3.50 ice cream (the worst part of BYU athletics are the expensive concessions!) Joel also got a #32 Jimmer t-shirt.
Celebrating BYU's conference victory
That night Will took a bubble bath in the big bath. Such a fun-loving, happy little boy--but not always so.
Last Monday we had a FHE evening lesson on the fifth article of faith. Marie's visual aids were still on the easel the next morning when Will got upset at his mom for not letting him do something (a week later and no one in the family can remember what the restriction was--but most likely something about wanting to play the Ninetendo DS or watch TV ) and so kindergartener Will, who is just learning to spell, expressed his frustration with his mom's rules with the above statement (translation: Will doesn't like Mom)
Last month we had this family photo taken at a stake family history extravaganza.
From a facebook post yesterday: "While reading about Jerusalem in the Book of Mormon for family scripture study tonight, Joel came up with an entertaining, random thought: "Wouldn't it be fun to play hide-and-go-seek in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher." T'would indeed."
Many, many BYU Jerusalem students "Liked" this status update.

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  1. Grandma said the boys had fun at the Basketball game! I'm not looking forward to those kinds of messages when I'm a parent, even if the child really doesn't mean it!