Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Basketball Will

For the past few weeks Will (#25) has been enjoying playing basketball in a city league for first and second graders. They play in an old gym behind the Art Museum that was once the gym for Springville High. Will told the coach that he knew how to do lay ups, and he does. He still needs to work on his long shots, some he makes some he doesn't. He plays with great enthusiasm.


His main coach Todd Kirby, in the wheel chair.

The assistant coach is Joel (in blue) who was also Will's soccer coach. I am so glad there are talented parents who are willing to help as volunteer coaches. The boys practice for 30 minutes and then play a game for 30 minutes.

 Sorry about the blurry photos but they do show that Will is a man of motion. This lay-up was good for two points (but no score keeping at this level).

Pre-game warm up "gangnam" style. His good friend Trevin is looking on. Notice Will's new Adidas indoor soccer shoes. They are metallic blue with orange stripes. They were expensive, but he fell in love with them and his mom/biggest fan couldn't say no.

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  1. Some of my happiest memories are of Will's cousin Andrew playing basketball. Great post, Chad.