Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Big Band

Tonight trombonist Joel made his debut with the Springville Junior High band. This big band is the largest in Mr. Booth's 18 years at SJHS. The16 flutes, 28 clarinets, 21 trumpets, 5 trombones, 6 baritones, 7 drummers and 1 Tuba are triple the size of the 8th grade band. Joel originally wanted to play the saxophone, but to do that he needed to start this year on the clarinet and since there were so many clarinets Mr. Booth asked Joel to go with his second choice, trombone. This was his second choice because for the past ten years I have been storing two trombones inherited from Bob who has kept them from the time when he, Jake and Tom all played trombone in the Logan High Band.

The 7th grade band is divided up into a woodwind class and a brass and percussion class.  The two classes joined together for the first time this morning during the first three periods to practice their four songs. It all sounded very good. The four songs they played lasted 20 minutes, then the concert was over. Delightful.

One of the trombonist's mothers made matching bow ties and hair bows for the three boys and two girls who play trombone.

Here is a excerpt from the song "Stompin' on the Housetop." The trombone/baritone part comes through loud and clear.

click here to view on youtube

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