Monday, August 11, 2014

Sweet and sixteen

Sarah planned a wonderful 16th birthday party. She and her mom (with a little help from the males in the house) executed her plans wonderfully. It was afternoon tea (actually raspberry lemonade) in which she and her four guests made their own hats and then enjoyed back yard dining of cucumber (from our garden) sandwiches, berry tarts, sliced vegetables and zucchini (from our garden) bread. The piece de resistance was the four layer from scratch chocolate cake with fresh strawberry/cream cheese frosting (Marie out did herself on this one).

The grandparents came to watch the falderal. Thanks to Grandma Tueller for the wonderful tea cups and tea pot.

Joel was the butler who greeted the guests at the door and then served the food (until he had to go to soccer practice).

So glad that Sarah came into our lives 16 years ago. She is delightful.

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