Sunday, May 20, 2018

End of Soccer Season

 Vegas Cup tournament in February.

Will plays for Utah Storm at the Premier 1 Level (the highest level in Club Soccer). For the whole year his team won 5, lost 10 and tied 1 leaving them 7th of 9 in the rankings which is just good enough to remain at the Premier 1 level.  For most of the season Will started each game on the bench, but by the end of the season he was starting in the game more often. He most often plays Wing. In the final two games of the season he scored three goals.

 Salem in March. Mt. Timpanogos

Mt. Nebo rear center.

 Ogden. May 5th

 Ogden May 12th

 Home field at Ira Allen Park in Mapleton. Mid May. Maple Mountain

First Goal of the season.

 Last game of the season. Salt Lake City. Almost a goal.

 In for a goal. Second goal for Will this game. Storm wins 2-1.

 7th Grade Band Concert

First trumpet. I want to Hold your Hand was the favorite song.

Theme from Hogan's Heroes.

Spring Piano recital. Clink on YouTube link:

 Against Skyridge High in Lehi

On most game days junior Joel played in both the Varsity and JV back-to-back games. He usually would play part of the first half for Varsity and then he would start and play most of both halves for JV. He most often played midfielder. The Varsity team had no wins for the season but the JV team finished 2nd in region.

 At Provo High

 Mt. Timpanogos

 At Springville High. Varsity bench. Joel is fourth from the right.

 Varsity Team. Joel is warming up with the JV.

JV warm up.

 End of JV game


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