Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Vancouver to Home

Mt Rainier

When we left Springville we had set plans and places to stay for the first six days. After Jasper the plan was to see how we felt. Head south for home, east to the Dakotas and Mt. Rushmore or west to Vancouver, Washington and Mt Rainier. There was much vacillating, but in the end we opted for the Vancouver route.

source: East Asian residents in yellow.

After our day long drive from Jasper to Vancouver we checked in at the Holiday Inn Express in Burnaby--east of Central Vancouver. None of us were interested in more driving so we headed out to see what ethnic restaurant we could find. Our initial quest was either Japanese or Chinese food. Eventually we ended up at the Crystal Mall--which we had read was a "Chinese Mall". That it was.  The ground floor was full of produce stalls and the second floor had a huge food court selling all kinds of Chinese cuisine. For some, most of the stalls seemed too authentic with unfamiliar foods for sale. I then noticed a Malaysian stall with familiar fried rice, fried noodles and roti canai. We ate and enjoyed. Fresh mango and strawberry smoothies rounded out the meal.

Out side the mall we met two Mormon missionaries, one from Hong Kong and one from Lehi. We took this photo to text to the parents of the Lehi elder (next to Joel) because we now know how much missionary parents like random photos of their missionaries popping up on their screens.

Image result for capilano suspension bridge park mapNext morning we drove to Capilano Suspension Bridge Park in north Vancouver. I read about it on a googled list of top ten things to do in Vancouver.

Like the original settler in the area (George Mackay who emigrated from Scotland and age 62), this place far exceeded our expectations.

The Suspension Bridge.

Forest walk.

Raptor demonstration.

Treetop walk.

Part of my motivation in planting so many trees in our yard.

Northwestern "Tree Hugger'

Cliff Walk.

We then drove through Stanley Park and then downtown Vancouver with the intent of finding some good ethnic food for lunch. We passed all kids of interesting restaurants, but had a stupor of thought when it came to making a decision. We also missed a few turns and exits as we headed south towards the border which further frustrated any lunch plans. Finally just before the border we stopped at a Wendy's and Tim Horton's where everyone found something satisfactory (barely) to eat. Finding lunch in Vancouver was not our best travel moment.

We spent the next two nights staying with Marie's sister Jeanne Krumperman and family in Redmond Washington. Sunday after Church we drove to Discovery Park in Seattle to explore the beach front. It was a beautiful afternoon.

Photo by Will.

Photo by Will.

Next morning we headed out to explore our ninth national park of the trip--Mr Rainier. Due in part to road closures, we limited our exploring to the southern route, entering from the west.

A few miles outside of the park we rounded a bend to find a doe and a fawn in the middle of the road. I hit the brakes and in what seemed like slow motion (with Marie screaming) the doe move one way and then the other, but never out of the road. Before I could completely stop I hit the doe on the front right headlight. It bounce off to the side and then according to Joel it jumped up and ran into the woods. Lucky deer. Lucky us. The deer left some hair and a few scratches on the front of the hood and pushed part of the bumper out a few millimeters, but nothing else. 

It was a partly cloudy day so we wondered if we would be able to even see the summit.

Best view so far, but only a lower ridge.

From Sunrise.

We need more environmentally minded members of congress like Henry Jackson.

Seismic hazards abound. But no tsunamis!

Ahh, the clouds parted!

Picnic lunch photos.

A beautiful, enjoyable and flat hike.

Stopped at a fruit stand after leaving the park. Delicious.

Spent the night in Ontario Oregon. Next day we stopped in Twin Falls to see the Snake River Gorge and Shoshone Falls followed by a short stop to visit with my niece Laura and her three cute children.

Rather than drive the usual I-84, I-15 route home we (actually I) decided to mix it up a little with a new road for us all. We drove south from Twin Falls on a very busy (too many semis for a two lane highway) US highway 93 to Jackpot Nevada. I first learned of Jackpot when I was nine years old. I don't now the particulars, but for some reason my parents took a mini vacation that included a stop/stay in Jackpot. As enticement to gamble guests at Cactus Pete's were given rolls of nickles to gamble away. Rather than gamble, Mom kept her rolls of nickles and brought them home as souvenirs for us kids. Dad then dutifully recorded in my tithing ledger book my Cactus Pete's earnings.
Seventh entry in left column.

There are four casinos, and not much else, in Jackpot.

When we reached Wells, we headed east on I-80, stopping in another border gambling town of Wendover for a Dr Pepper for me and Power Aid for the boys. Then on to home.

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