Sunday, January 27, 2019

Mr. Springville

Each year Springville High School holds a fun filled Mr. Springville contest. Senior boys apply for the the contest and then 10 boys are selected to compete. Joel was one of the ten. He had several weeks to come up with ideas for the week long event

The first event started on the Tuesday after  the ML King Holiday. Good thing Will's team didn't advance to the finals in the Vegas soccer tournament and that we were able to drive home Sunday night. That gave Marie time on Monday to figure out how to bake a Pokemon globe, finalize frosting colors and fondant, and run to the store for extra cake mixes. An actual ball shaped cake turned out too difficult so Joel and Marie opted for plan B a large round cake. Joel and his assigned escort then frosted the cake between 6:30 and 7:30 Tuesday morning at the high school. During lunch hour students cast votes for their favorite cake. The campfire cake won (by Alex).

Wednesday was the leg decorating contest. Each contestant and their escort had twenty minutes to decorate legs. Then the boys sat behind a curtain and students voted on their legs. Joel wanted to do a Bird Box (current Netflix hit) themed decoration.

Dress rehearsal.

Two weeks ago we ordered online a wooden row boat from WalMart, we borrowed two dolls from my sister Mary, Joel and Marie found some kinky brown strips for hair and a pink bubble doll coat (ripped up the back and secured with an elastic strip to fit over Joel's calf) at Hobby Lobby. Notice the four birds (rubber duckies) in the box. It turned out pretty sweet. The KFC legs won (Trevor). I'm pretty sure Joel placed second.


Thursday's lunch activity was a hot dog eating contest. Joel was no longer in pain from his wisdom teeth extraction two weeks ago so he made a good go of it, putting down 3 2/3s hotdogs in 5 minutes (as reported in the text exchange with his dad). His tall friend Alex won with 5. Also during the week were a few 6:30 am dance practices and dress rehearsals on Friday night and Saturday morning.

 Saturday Night show

 Western dance by all the boys. Choreographed and taught by the cheerleaders. Joel in is the red plaid shirt.

 No everyone was in sync on the kick line.

 The shimmy with friend from first grade and fellow soccer player, Trevor Ollerton.

Swim suit contest was all fun and games (and with strict instructions not to wear speedos or anything revealing). A swim suit form the far north. 

 Joel ran out yelling "there are sharks in the water, sharks in the water!"

 Looked confused.

Then ran off. (Thanks to our neighbor Chad Hill for loaning us the costume Marie remember seeing at our ward Halloween party).

 Next was the talent show.

 Neighbor McArthur Riley doing an impressive drum line routine.

Trevor and cousin doing lip sync and fun choreography to a variety of tunes.

Last year Joel took a guitar class at school. One of the songs he learned was All Star from Shrek. He decide to sing and play that. I thought he should have play a medley of tunes alternating on the piano (his strongest suit), the guitar and the trombone (played from 6-9 grade).

Watch the Shrek performance here:

 He invited the audience to sing along, which they happily did.


 Lip sync of several Disney princess songs.

 Proud to be and American, by soccer buddy Luke.

 Bad Girls dance by Alex and friends.

Joel and his escort Sierra Arbon. The escorts are senior girls who are selected to represent their respective school clubs and organizations. Three years ago Sarah served as as escort due to her being president of the history club.

 Final five up front. Sorry Joel. The final five had to answer a question. Most choked.

 Trevor is announced as King.

 A good groups of guys.

All of the girl student body officers who organized the event. It was a fun week and evening.

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