Friday, July 16, 2021

Home Again


This morning we welcomed home Joel Emmett from his two years of out-of-the-ordinary missionary service from Utah to Ghana to Utah to New England to Ghana to Utah. To commemorate his COVID-19 influenced mission, we commissioned niece, and recent BYU geography graduate, Grace Tueller to create a map of the Missionary Travels of Joel Emmett (ala the familiar Bible maps of the Journeys of Paul). I then incorporated that map into a welcome home sign. 

It was a first time for all of us at the new Salt Lake City airport. At the exit from Terminal A they have a side waiting area (lighted room to the left of the doorway) that seemed designed purposely to accommodate large contingents of missionary families. 

There were four other elders arriving in SLC from the Ghana Cape Coast Mission.These families, also in the waiting room, brought posters.

We dutifully waited behind the railing, but when Joel appeared, Marie broke all rules and slipped out the retractable rail so she could get first hug from Joel.

The missionaries took their time coming out, apparently they all had to first shave off (using just one razor) 24 hours of stubble and then put on their cape coast mission bandalos.

Joel quickens his step and down comes the barricade.

Aunt Rachel who was one of Joel's most loyal supporters, slipped out of work and joined us for the reunion.

Without masks.

First stop Cafe Rio.

Joel loved the map.

Well served Joel! You handled two tough years like a pro.

We loved the Nativity, Map, Soccer Jerseys, Kente ties and fanny packs, but mostly we just loved having Joel home.

Next stop--first dose of the Pfizer shot. He tested negative before flying out of Accra.

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