Saturday, August 21, 2021

Pando Aspen Clone

Today we went for a drive to see Pando--an aspen clone that originated from one seed that is "believed to be the largest, most dense organism ever found at nearly 13 million pounds." The word Pando is Latin for "to spread" and describes the process of how one Aspen tree can send out shoots and spread into one large clone made up of thousands of trees. All of the aspens in this large grove bud at the same time and change colors at the same time. read more here:


The large aspen grove is located just south of Fish Lake (my first time here) in central Utah. We approached Pando from the south (left) and pulled off on a rough side road that bisected the southeastern section. We then approached it from the the northwest to the southern end of a road lined by summer homes. Most of the area was fenced off so we didn't get to wander through the whole organism. 

Pando is going through rough times. Some of the trees are sick and over grazing by deer have stopped new saplings from growing into mature trees.  Notice the absence of any saplings in this part of the grove.

Parts of the area have been fenced off to keep deer out which has enabled this bunch of younger saplings to grow.

A rare sapling in a none protected area.

One of the more creative tree carvings.

From the southeastern edge of Pando looking north towards Fish Lake.

A non-Pando area of aspens across the valley.

The northeast section.

We then drove to the northwest end of Fish Lake for a picnic lunch at Pelican Point lookout. 

Photo by Joel

Pando is the green circle in the center of the photo. It is bisected by highway 25 and has summer homes abutting its northern edge.

We then drove north along beautiful Gooseberry Fremont Scenic Backway over a 10,00 foot pass to I-70, then home via Salina and Scipio.

In other excitement this week, Will started 11th grade on Wednesday.

photos of Will by Joel

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