Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Emmett's Made Fresh....take three

Chad is now certified as a navigator and can lead you directly to Emmett's Made Fresh. Such was not the case yesterday. Thankfully, we had Beth in the truck with us and she got us there with no problem. Chad and his kids had to walk a short distance after driving right past it. He said something about the the address being wrong on the website. I'm sure he's checking into that right now. Thankfully he has a few more years before his stint as scoutmaster begins and he has to lead Joel and Will to the camp site in the dark on a Friday night. The senior Emmett's - none other than John and Norda - also joined with Mary and most of her girls for a fine dinning experience. The owner said they wanted to name the place "Lehi's Other Dream", but weren't sure the local Mormons would appreciate the humor so they settled on 'Emmett's Made Fresh'


  1. Bob

    What's with the tippy toes--trying to make your younger brother look even shorter?

    I recommend the scones and honey butter (just like mom used to make) and the banana chocolate shakes (get the small size it is plenty big).


  2. How big is the outdoor dining area, because I'm thinking the first Utah County Emmett/Lundberg wedding reception/celebration/breakfast could be held there.

    I know Emily will want Thai, so Amanda, start planning.

  3. The eating area consists of what you see in the picture...maybe another table or two. It's a fun place to eat though! We are probably headed down this weekend to get our picture & t-shirt.