Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Pre-Independence Day Fun at North Beach

Fun in the sun, except for those whose fun is more "shady" in nature. Thanks to all for help with food and inflatable flotation devices, especially Grandma and Grandpa. Great times.


  1. I don't know about Jake, but I'm feeling pretty left out sitting here in SoCal. Birthday parties, Bear Lake, boat full of redheads (and Katie), Chad's color coordinated outfit. I bet there was even a cool caffeinated, caramel colored beverage in a nearby cooler. What are we going to miss on the 4th?

  2. Well, so far for the Smithfield Emmett's Fourth celebration, you've missed out on a YW fund raising project to pick up all the post-explosion detrius left over from last night's fireworks spectacular. Even Katie helped out. Sorry, no photos.

    I'll keep you posted on further fun.