Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Emmett family reunion, continued.

What a great way to cheer up the hearts of a couple of oldsters! Having the family get together for a few days was really great. The following pictures document only a small part of the get together but we hope they will serve as a reminder of the event. Many, many more pictures were taken by the participants and this really helped out - I had my camera on manual focus by mistake for part of the time so the picture of the whole family in attendance is one that Tom took (mine was not in very good focus.)

Waiting to get on the ride.

Katie and Mac paying attention to being photographed.

Coming back from the ride and thinking about where to go next.

Getting ready to eat in the Pine Pavillion.

Norda digging for gold at North Beach State Park while others played in the sand.

More playing in the sand.

Headquarters at dinner time.

Some of the revelers standing in the water.

Jack showing Kristin and Jackie what he wants.

Looking over the "treasures" in the PDQ room Saturday morning.

Some of the family in the back yard waiting for the photo session to start.

Bruce and Lily in loving arms.

Guess which one is the mother.

Bill's family with the old folks.

Bob's family...ditto.

Chad's famly...

Jake's family...

Mary's family...

Tom's family...

JWE and NFE with children.

The whole fam damily that could be here Saturday morning. Again, many thanks to all!


  1. What a great family and to think it all started with a "storybook courtship full of romance and wonderment."

    Thanks to mom and dad for everything and congratulations on 60 years together.

  2. I'm still thankful that the Boxelder School District superintendent let Mom out of her contract. Was he inspired? Did he realize that he was an integral cog in the romantic machinery of John and Norda's courtship and marriage? Did he have a vision of the prodigious progeny to be produced?

    We may never know.

    Thanks again to everyone for the wonderful time.