Friday, April 23, 2010

The Bronze Bow

Last night I finished reading The Bronze Bow to Joel. It is probably my favorite book of all times. I have read it at least a half dozen times--which is an amazing thing since I rarely re-read books. I read it to Sarah two years ago. She listened in most of the time this time too. It is the story of a Jewish zealot named Daniel who lives to avenge the death of his parents by fighting the Romans. In the process he meets a rabbi named Jesus who preaches of love and the coming of a kingdom that is not as Daniel imagined. It gives a nice, intimate portrayal of Jesus and those who follow him. The setting is very real--the Sea of Galilee, Arbel, Capernaum, Bethsaida, Chorazin, etc. . It was particularly fun to read since Joel and Sarah have already visited or seen these places. If you have yet to read it, check it out. Then when you finish it, read all of Elizabeth George Speare's other books--I've liked all I've read.


  1. It's amazing you have the original cover/artwork of a version that is no longer in print. (I have it as well) Keep it protected.

    I never fail to shed a couple tears every time I read this book. My favorite scene is the conversation he has with Jesus about giving up his hate. And the very final sentences when Daniel sees the flash of color from Jesus' robe as he walks down the street. You almost get the impression the Savior knows exactly what's going through Daniel's mind. I love this book! Definitely in my top 3 favorite books.

  2. I am still hoping that the talented Brian Nissen will make this into a movie!