Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sarah in Thoroughly Modern Millie


This year the Springville Jr. High musical was the junior version (shorter but with all the good songs) of Thoroughly Modern Millie. Here Millie arrives in NYC from Kansas with the intent to marry her rich boss (once she gets a job). The director is Sarah's Choir teacher Leslie Walker--who in addition to teaching and directing musicals keeps busy singing in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. She does a great job with the musicals.

 Millie stays in the Pricilla Hotel for single women. Here the Priscilla girls are reading the newspaper.

Then in walks fellow hotelmate Ethel Peas (aka Sarah Emmett) who has them read an article about white slavery.

Hotel owner Mrs. Meers hands out mail to the girls. Ethel is happy to get a telegram.

But is then saddened to learn that her uncle has died.

Mrs. Meers asks about the letter. When she reads about the death of Ethel's uncle she inquires about other family members. When Ethel explains that he was her only relative. Meers replies: "it is sad to be all alone in the world." She then invites Ethel in for some soothing tea.

 Next scene she brags about how no one will see through her Chinese disguise and recognize her as the white slave trader.

 Ethel (Sarah) then pops up from the Laundry cart (borrowed from BYU laundry) moaning and groaning.


Meers pushes her down a few times and then off Ethel goes into slavery.


Meanwhile Millie gets a job as a stenographer and figures she will soon marry her new boss Mr. Greydon.

With a new job, Millie invites the Pricilla girls to join here for celebratory drinks at a speak easy (illegal bar during prohibition). Sarah reappears as one of the chorus girls in this scene--she has a red dress and black wig (third from left). Her dad did not recognize her throughout the whole scene.

Here she is dancing in the Speak Easy.



Soon the police come and the whole group is arrested and carted off to jail.

One by one they all parade across stage for their mug shots to be taken. Jackson Chambers--a friend of Joel's who lives up the street was one of only two 7th grade boys in the show.

Sarah in line.

Meanwhile Millie realizes that she loves Jimmie and not Mr. Graydon.

 And Miss Dorthy is almost sold into white slavery but Ching Ho comes to her rescue.Mrs. Meers is arrested..

And everyone falls in love.


and kisses

The happy finale.

 Then a new "Millie"  (Sarah's up-the-street friend Roxie Chambers) in white arrives to find fame and love in the big city.

Taking bows


Aunt Anna, Uncle Bernell and cousin Emma came to enjoy the Saturday night show. Uncle Lant came for the first half.

After the Saturday night performance. Sarah then joined with most of the cast members at the regional LDS youth dance. As a relatively new 14 year old, this was her first youth dance. She went as Wenda from the Where's Waldo book series.


  1. Way to go Sarah! Looks like a MUCH better performance than the Sunny Side Jr High Musical I was in during 8th grade in Heidelberg!

  2. I just googled costumes for Thoroughly Modern Millie and your blog came up. I love the costumes! Our school, Ivy Hawn Charter School of the Arts, in Lake Helen, FL is performing this in March. My daughter, a seventh grader, is also playing the role of Millie here (and we're also LDS). This is such a fun musical. I love your pictures, it gives us a lot of great ideas to use for costuming and set. Thanks for posting them!

  3. So cute! I am directing Thoroughly Modern Millie Jr. next year at a middle school in Oklahoma. I too was searching for costume and set ideas! Thanks for posting!