Monday, February 25, 2013

Idle Isle Almond Cream Toffee

The other day I called my mom at the rehabilitation center in Logan to see how she was doing (she had heart surgery two weeks ago). As we visited, she told me about a very vivid dream she had had. In her dream she was surrounded by piles of almond toffee cream candies from the Idle Isle in Brigham City. She was so excited to have unlimited access to her favorite candy that she ate and ate until finally she ate so much that she keeled over dead, but happy. On occasion over the past few years we have given mom gift boxes of the candy, which she then hides so that she can enjoy them all to herself.  I think her dream was her subconscious telling her to tell me that she needed another gift. I got the message. So today after classes, I drove north to Brigham City

The Idle Isle Restaurant was a favorite of my gandparrents, Bill and Veara Fife. He loved to order liver and onions. When mom was a teenager working at Penney's she would often order the 99 cent vegetable plate.

A few years ago the family sold the restaurant and moved the candy operation across the street. 

Inside are all kinds of tasty treats. Regular chocolates.

Colorful rock candies.

And even Boden Stick Candy. Delicious hard candy in flavors of clove, lemon, peppermint, brown sugar peppermint, and wintergreen. The recipe for this candy came across the plains with Mormon converts from Wales. Relatives of my grandma Fife have made this candy ever since and always made sure that my grandparents and now my mom received a gift box every Christmas. Mom shared her box this year with all of us at Will's baptism. I like the clove and wintergreen best. Learn more and order some here.

The pièce de résistance are the almond creme toffee candies.

I bought mom 1.5 pounds which filled to over-flowing the 1 pound box.

Once in Logan, mom enjoyed two pieces and then promptly hid them. Here's hoping the delicacies help her heart to mend and her body to be strengthened. I'll monitor when she runs out so she can get a new supply. At age 85 I figure she can eat as many as she wants.

Order almond cream toffee here


  1. I love this post. You're a good son.

  2. This post reminds me of my mom and Bluebird Candies. Her favorites are the Billy mints and the Victorias.