Saturday, March 2, 2013

Not bad for a March 2nd

It was a beautiful, warm, sunny day at Brighton Ski Resort today. This was our seventh day of skiing this year and my plan that improved skiing comes through skiing has been working. All three of my favorite ski partners are steadily improving. After years on green runs with beginning and novice skiers it is nice to finally have all of us able to ski blue runs. That's majestic Mt. Timpanogos in the distance.

 We got home early enough for me to do some mulching in the garden. Our garden has been under snow for months. When our two mulch buckets filled we then filled plastic grocery bags with kitchen scraps (lots of banana peels and orange and grapefruit skins) that sat frozen on our back porch until today when I buried it all in two trenches in the garden. Hopefully by the time I till the garden in May it will be mostly decomposed. The two Christmas trees (we stole one from our neighbor's) in the back will be burned along with all of the spring tree trimmings to add additional organic material to the soil.

To end a delightful day, we now plan to watch a missed episode of The Amazing Race--one of the few shows that we all equally like.

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