Sunday, March 17, 2013

Little Wild Horse Canyon

Thursday after school 19 Young Men/ Scouts of the Spring Creek 18th ward plus six leaders, four of their younger sons and one extra father (who came to our rescue with an additional car to drive) traveled south to Goblin Valley for a few days of fun. They arrived late and set up camp on BLM land outside of the park. Friday they spent the day exploring and playing games in Goblin Valley. Some got sunburned, some ended up dehydrated, one sprained his wrist, but all had fun. I missed out on the fun because unlike the students of Nebo School District, Friday was not a day off for me. Will and I drove down after my two morning classes in time to deliver all of the pre-cut food (thanks Marie for helping) for a delicious evening dinner of fajitas.

For additional photos of the activity click here

Before and after dinner there was time for more play.

Two of my Teachers who like many boys before them enjoyed pummeling this poor old car abandoned in the desert.

I work with Mike Black in the Teacher's Quorum. He is the caretaker of the new scout trailer (our old one was stolen from the church parking lot last year) and is a master at outfitting and undertaking scout trips. I replaced him as bishop in the ward and one of my best decision was to call him to be Scout Master. Last year (after eight years as scout master) he was released from that calling and then sustained as the Varsity Scout coach to work with me and the Teachers. Here he is quick lighting the charcoal with a blow torch so he can make a few dutch oven pots of brownies for desert. When the boys heard the noise and saw the flames they came running to watch.

Sunset rays on the mountain.

Later that evening the Deacons gave the bedtime devotional. Oliver quoted the Book of Mormon scripture "Men are that they might have joy", Jackson explained a little about what that meant and then all of us shared ideas about how we can have joy in our lives. It was a nice end to the day.

Next morning we hiked Little Wild Horse Canyon. This was my third time, but a first for all of the boys.

We opted to hike up and back through Little Wild Horse slot canyon instead of the doing the whole loop.

We started out as a group but some moved faster than others.

The first real narrow portion was backed-up as a young family in front tried to navigate either through or over a small pool. I was near the rear and Will and Joel were up front so I missed seeing both of them spider walk above the pool. I don't know how Will did it with his short legs and arms.

By the time I walked above the water, the vanguard group of boys was far out in front. I hustled to finally catch up with them worried the Will might need his water bottle in my back pack or might need some help along the way.When I got within shouting voice they (Issac, Will and Joel) stopped to wave hello and then forged onward. So much for spending quality time with my boys!

Eventually I caught up with them.

Will (and Joel) certainly did not need any help as they and the others scrambled up and around another pool. 

After the allotted time of 1 1/2 hours up, we headed back down.

The walk back was better quality time. Joel is always a good sport to let little brother Will tag along. And they both were now willing to let me tag along.

These six boys were the fastest movers who were able to traverse the whole canyon up and back.

What a fun hike. We passed lots of families with small children and other scout groups too.

Newest Deacon Isaac (who maneuvers like a Mountain Goat) spidering (don't know if that is a word, but the photo shows what it should mean) over the pool.

Joel, and a few others, made it across on the way up but not the way down.

Will got help this time on the back of neighbor Brandon. I had gone ahead to get photos of each of the boys so I'm glad Brandon offered to help when Will had trouble.

These three took off before the first group photo and only reappeared near the very end. They definitely made if the farthest up and back. Derek's (on the left) mission call arrived Friday in the mail. When he got home Saturday night he found out that he would be leaving to serve in the Santiago Chile East Mission on July 4th.

Sentinel cottonwood trees guarding the entrance/exit to the canyon.

Last time I hiked this canyon it was as bishop with the Teacher's and Priest's for a high adventure in the summer of 2005. I'm not much of a scouter, but I  always enjoy getting out and about with the Young Men. We have been to many cool places.

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  1. Looks like yet another excellent adventure in the slot canyons of the Colorado Plateau. Reminds me of helping out with Dad, Carl Johnson, Keith Munk, and the 18th ward scouts at Davis Gulch. Good times.