Saturday, September 6, 2014

Soccer Saturday

Fall soccer season for Utah Storm is in full swing. Will's game at 11:00 was played in Provo. Will's team lost 7-2, but Will did his part by scoring his team's two goals. Here he picks up the ball mid field and outruns and maneuvers his opponents for the first goal.


A beautiful setting. From left to right: Squaw Peak, Rock Canyon and the white steeple of the Provo Temple. Will in white is kicking the ball from within a circle of the blacks.

Highest up for a header.

Corner kick.

Setting up the second goal.

In for the G-O-A-L

Joel's game was at 12:30 in Pleasant Grove. His team won 2-1 in a hard fought game. Joel assisted with nice passes on both goals.

#13 in his unique stance. Lone Peak and the white steeple of the Mt. Timpanogos Temple are in the distance. 

In his team's several encounters with this team the very large #13 (and an equally large #33) have made Joel and other small guys from his team work and bump hard.

Favorite photo of the day: Joel connected with a high bouncing pass and kicked it over the goalie and just over the goal.

Lining up for a free kick. The first two faked a kick then the third player right before Joel made the kick.

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