Saturday, May 2, 2015

End of Voyage

Sailing up the winding Saigon River I pulled out my map of the Mekong Delta to show some of the kids where we were going.

It was a windy day. Thanks to life long learner Kristin Rush (traveling with her husband and two children) for these two photos of a fun moment.

Spring 2015 Faculty. A wonderful, diverse group of talented people. Thanks to ship photographer Evan Meyer for all of the group photos.

Faculty with families

Faculty and staff.

Staff. Including academic and student life deans and administrators, resident directors (of the seven student seas/groups/dorms), medical, counseling, media, kid coordinators, field trip coordinators, etc.

All of the non-students on board on the day we competed as the sea-lebrites in the ship olympics against the seven students sea (Baltic, Adriatic, Red etc.) teams.

Joel performing the the lip-sync competition of the sea olympics. Photos courtesy of Evan Meyer.

The ship board community (minus the wonderful crew) on the aft fourth and fifth decks somewhere off the coast of Africa in the Atlantic Ocean. The Emmetts are scattered below on the fourth deck.

Art professor Eunshin Grace Kim took a map or our voyage and drew a superimposed diagram of the ship's seven decks and then added a list (on the left) of the names of all of the crew members which she then presented to the Captain as a token of thanks and as a remembrance of the final voyage of the MV Explorer (now sold and renamed the Odyssey and will be used for Mediterranean cruises). Grace and I taught in the same classroom--her illustration class was sandwiched between my two geography classes. Knowing I was a geographer, she gave me a digital copy of this work of art on the final day as a token of friendship.

 Last gathering of the Mormons.

 Dressed for the Captain's Ball

 For this I lugged a suit around the world. Next time I'll just bring a tie.

Convocation. Two dozen of the students are now done with college and so they were honored. They wore caps made by the sea kids and tassels made by Marie and Sarah.

We arrived in England a day early so we anchored (literally) in the well protected port of Portland for a day while a dive crew checked out the hull of the ship.

Sarah enjoyed daily classes of kick boxing and yoga on the seventh deck. This was the last hurrah.

Good friends with whom we had some great discussions about religion.

Dean Bob for the last time explaining how we were "going around the world on a ship."

Our self proclaimed "#1 extended family daughter"

Entrance to Portsmouth

Protecting the entrance to the harbors of Portsmouth and Southampton.

Isle of Wight

Cowes, Isle of Wight.


The Glazer Lounge was just for faculty and other non-student adults. We used is by day as a quite place to prepare for class. At night it turned into a lounge/bar.

Chief security officer, who enjoyed his power and was not always consistent in his application of rules. He confiscated six wood carved sling shots Will bought in Yangon for his friends. Weapons are not allow on board, but we didn't even think of a sling shot as a weapon. I asked if we could get them returned to us at the end of the voyage, but no go. They were incinerated long ago. Frustrating.

Some of the ship kids on the last morning waiting to disembark.

Lisa Schrenk (above) along with Daphne Spain were my co-teachers in our global cities class.

Two A students from my world geography class.

 More good students.

Will bidding farewell to friends.

Exiting the port bound for places around the world.

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  1. What a great experience for everyone. Thanks of taking us "digitally" along on your journey. I kind of sad it's over.