Sunday, July 26, 2015

Silver Lake

For our celebration of Pioneer Day (July 24th) we finally decided (the kids were indifferent on most suggested activities) to hike to Silver Lake up American Fork Canyon. Our early morning departure was thwarted by Joel and Will sleeping to 11:00 AM so we post-poned the hike until the 25th. We started our hike at an empty Silver Lake Flat Reservoir. Mt. Timpanogos looms in the distance.

Our destination was Silver Lake in the Lone Peak Wilderness Area (No ATVs allowed). We had read in hiking guides that it was about a 4 mile round trip, but this map showed it as 3.7 miles one way. That distance did not please Will. When we asked one of the returning hikers how long of a hike it was and they said 3 hours, Will was even less happy. But we forged on amid much complaining.

It was at this very point that Will told me he hated me and he hated this hike.

But hey, the wild flowers were pretty.

Luckily we soon inquired of two nice female forest rangers coming down the trail and they told us the 3.7 miles was wrong, that we were about 3/8ths there and it was not up and over the distant peaks, but just beyond the tall pines on the hill crest. Then two other hikers told us that they had seen a moose and calf and they had gone swimming in the cold water. Bingo. Will was now on board. No more complaining. It was a night and day change of attitude. Happy day for all of us.

It was worth the hike.

The marshy shore in the distance is where the moose were. By the time we got there they had moved up into the larger brush.

Cold water and sharp rocks. Next time I'll bring Tevas to wear and quick drying clothing to wear swimming.

Will got his hard cast on last Thursday so his buckle fracture of his left radius will heal. It will be on for two weeks. He can get the cast wet, but only in pool or bath water.

Joel braved jumping into the cold water twice.

Lots of granite, sub-alpine firs and yellow wild flowers.

These falls come out of the lake.

 Chad + Marie did not leave their mark.

 Today in Primary, Will had to give a talk. With only a little help from his parents, this is what he came up with:

Yesterday our family went on a hike up American Fork Canyon to Silver Lake.  I did not want to go.   I didn’t want to get up early and I was acting like a teenager.  I complained a lot.  I thought it would be boring.  We saw one hiker who told us that it would take us three hours.  That make me not want to go even more.  At the start I was trudging along, moaning and groaning.  But then some forest rangers told us that it really wasn’t that long.  We also met some hikers who said they had seen a moose and its calf and that they had gone swimming in the cold water. My mood changed completely.  I wanted to go and see. I started enjoying the hike and the lake really “rocked.”
I am glad that I followed the advice of these people because it led me to a beautiful and fun place. 

The day after Jesus was baptized he told Philip to “Follow Me. “ Philip then told Nathanael that they had found the Messiah, who was named Jesus from Nazareth. Nathanael then asked.  “Can any good thing come out of Nazareth?” Philip then said to him, “Come and see.”
If we come and see what Jesus taught and follow his example we will find happiness in our lives.

For example we can be nice to people at school, even though they don’t like to do the same things we like to do.
We can do better at telling the truth even when we don’t want to.
We can be happy when we are doing our chores.
We can be more reverent in Primary. (Based on how noisy senior Primary was at church last week, Dad added this part, but Will crossed it out and refused to say it in the talk)

I know that if we come and follow Jesus then he will bless us and we will be happy.
I hope we can all follow Jesus.
In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Our drive up the canyon was the inaugural off-road drive of our new car--a 2015 Subaru outback which replaces our 1997 Outback that now will be Sarah's mode of transportation to early morning seminary and late night musical practices. After two tows down the Cottonwood canyons in the past few years, I figured we needed a more reliable ski car for our quest this year to ski all 15 ski areas in Utah.

In mid-July both Joel and Will participated in two day three-on-three soccer tournaments.

Will's team got first place and Joel's team fourth place.

Throughout July we have also enjoyed many gatherings with the coming-and-going-Tuellers. Will broke his arm while tubing behind his uncle Lant's boat at Deer Creek Reservoir. The tube made a big bounce crossing the wake and Will held on so tight that his bone buckled.

Everyone shared a joke or funny story.

Marie's parents with six of their ten children.

Lots of cousins.

Marie's famous scotcheroos, chocolate chip chewies, and rice crispie treats plus Grandma Emmett's recipe for homemade strawberry ice cream.

For our late starting pioneer Day outing we went to the celebration at Provo's North Park. There we visited the Pioneer museum. I liked this painting of pioneer Provo.

It was also cool to notice many pioneer era items that were similar to the pioneer era furniture and other items that my parents had collected over the years. My parents had two antique pump organs in our home and if we can get the one out of the basement next week, it will come to reside in our home.

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