Thursday, May 25, 2017

End of the season

It is the end of the spring soccer season. Joel #15 played on the Springville High JV team and occasional subbed on the varsity team. He was voted by his teammates to be one of the team captains--seen here meeting with the referees at the beginning of the Payson game. Many of the early season games were played in the cold and rain so I did not take a lot of photos. Four games into the regular season Joel was hauling down field with the ball when a pursuing opponent tripped him (maybe intentionally). Joel face planted hard and took a while to get up. Diagnoses-a second concussion. He was out of school for a week and a half and has spent the remainder of the year playing catch up in chemistry, AP World History, honors math and Spanish.

Joel always started at defending mid. He is good at moving and passing the ball down field.

Soccer games played up and down the Wasatch Front always offers great mountain vistas.

A collision (intentional?). Who me? A yellow card?

Will's April 29th game in Layton. At the time we had no idea that he was playing where Sarah would be serving her mission.

Will's Utah Storm team continued to make significant improvements over the season.

Will played wing.

Half time pep talk by coach Chad Bunce at the last game of the season. The team went undefeated for the spring season at the premier 2 level and won a trip to the state cup tournament.

Subs going in.

Home field: Ira Allen Park in Mapleton.

In for a goal.




Yellow carded.

Teammates and friends.

Mid May at the second game of the  State Cup just off of I-215 near the Salt Lake airport. A cold storm rolled in from the north just after the game started.

Snow and hail in May.

Line up at the beginning of the semi-final game of the State Cup. In a hard fought game Storm lost 1-0 to the defending champs. Will is third from right.

These talented athletes have other talents too.

The Brookside Elementary sixth graders presented Music Through the Ages. Will represented the 70s and performed Carry On Wayward Sons by Kansas.

 Joel was inducted to the National Honor Society.

And he went to Prom.


  1. In that picture of Joel being inducted to the NHS, is he shaking hands with Everett Kelepolo? He was a teacher and coach when I was at Spanish Fork HS. Loved that guy.

  2. Jess, yes he is now the principal of SHS.