Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Back to School

Off to 12th and 8th grades

 Finding the right shoes can be a daunting, and expensive task.

Our shoe budget was offset by Joel winning these sweet cleats in an on-line contest. Joel's team also won the Storm Cup.

Catalpa pods

Meanwhile, Hermana Emmett is now serving in Kaysville. Many of the members of the Spanish ward are from Venezuela. Here is Sarah learning how to make arepas.

 Folks are always taking care of the missionaries with drinks (on a hot summer day), treats and home grown food.

Meanwhile Dad took a back roads road trip (via Francis, Tabiona and Altamont) to Flaming Gorge. Last time I was at the dam was on a boy scout float trip down the Green River right below the dam when I was about 14.

 Moose Pond

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