Sunday, April 14, 2019

The son of a geographer in DC

Hello loyal readers of my dear father's blog. This is Joel Emmett. I'm the son that occasionally makes it onto the blog whenever I do something noteworthy like get a mission call to Ghana.  I received a camera for Christmas this year and have been attempting to channel my inner Chad Emmett. Although I may not be able to channel his inner blogger spirit that you see conveyed through his blogger medium, I do view myself as an aspiring amateur photographer. On that note, please enjoy some of the photos I took in Washington DC with minimal writing because I already do enough of it at school.

Blogger mode.

Will enjoys making me take pictures of him so there are quite a few of them throughout this blog.

Hike in Shenandoah.


He's always studying some map or brochure. It's almost like he's a geographer or something. 

Virginia Capitol building in Williamsburg.

If for some weird reason you can't tell, the remaining pictures are all from DC.

The dedication to the blog and documenting our childhood is unmatched throughout the world.

Thomas Jefferson.

I promise this dab was done ironically because no respectable brother of mine would ever dab unironically in the year 2019.

MLK was highkey the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time for you older readers).

Cute return missionary sister.

Will posing yet again.

Will attempted to return the favor by taking a picture of me.
Another GOAT.

In 7th grade I memorized the entire Gettysburg address because I liked Lincoln and my dear mother made me.

If anyone wants to help me find a job at the Supreme Court that would be appreciated.

Chad bailed on us to go to his conference so my beloved mother Marie (another GOAT) led us around her old stomping grounds.

First Smithsonian building

Pretty good company to explore the nation's capital.

 Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Thanks for tuning into this unprecedented look into the travels of the Emmett family. Feel free to follow me on Instagram: @joelemmett. 

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