Monday, October 28, 2019

Halloween 2019

Sarah's pumpkin is singing Christmas carols.  Self timer photo by Will.

Before beginning to carve, Marie laid out a selection of knives. Will chose what has been Marie's favorite knife from her days in DC over 30 years ago. After cutting off the top of his extra thick pumpkin (which we had just bought at the Springville Farmer's Market), Will tried to pry it off and in the process the knife snapped! Marie almost cried. Will fell to the ground lamenting Marie's loss. Good thing her now favorite Cutco knife was unharmed in the carving.

The broken knife with the tip still embedded in the pumpkin. And a smiling Marie rolling with the punches. Given that our washing machine and garage door both bit the dust over the weekend, this was a minor loss.

 Looks like a knifing.

For the last few years I have enjoyed roasting our Halloween pumpkin seeds. No one else likes them in the family so I take them to my office for snacking.

My other seed project currently littering the front porch is husking walnuts so they can dry for a month and then be shelled.

Sunday night we enjoyed a Halloween dinner with my sister Mary and her family--who always come up with costumes extraordinaire. We were minimalists. Will went as Jim from the Office going as Dave, Sarah as Arthur the Aardvark and me as Batik. The batik robe I am wearing was a gift to my dad that I had made for him in Indonesia on my mission.

We missed Joel joining these festivities. Today we got this photo of him with his new companion (from Tonga) in a new town (Nyenasi) in the bush of Ghana with this family they are teaching. 

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