Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Sophomore Soccer Season at Springville High


Will's soccer season came to a close last Friday when the Springville Red Devils lost to the Murray Spartans 0-2 in the first game of the state 5A tournament. Will was one part of a group of six players (two sophomores and four juniors} who did not officially make the varsity team but who mostly trained with the varsity, played parts of most varsity games, but then were expected to start and play for every JV game. No other schools have such an odd arrangement. If a sophomore or junior is better than a senior, then they make the varsity team. There is no expectation to play two back-to-back games. Most varsity games started at 4:00 so Marie and I would go not knowing if Will would play. Some days he played part of the second half, some games parts of both halves and other days he started. Then at 6:00 the JV game would start with Will starting and playing most of the second game. It was grueling. In the 14 season games, varsity won 2 and lost 12, while JV won 9, tied 2 and lost 3. In his JV games, Will, who plays midfield, scored 4 goals and had at least 9 assists.

It was a mostly cold season, with just a few sunny and warm games interspersed between the snow, rain (when I didn't take photos) and cold.

The ultimate soccer mom at a pre-season game against the Lehi Pioneers.

Snow surrounds the nice field at Park City High.


Will being helped off the field after having his foot/ankle stepped on at the game against main rival Maple Mountain. 

Will played against fellow Utah Storm teammates who play for four other schools in our region. Here he is with Stefano who plays for Maple Mountain.

Springville High has the worst pitch of all the schools we played against. The field is short, rough and has only one small bleacher. Plans for a new High School have a new designated soccer field that will be a nice improvement. Many schools now have combined football and soccer stripping on what would have once been just the football field. Others have new separate soccer fields. 

In for a goal!

With fellow sophomore varsity player Christian who has played club soccer with Will for years.

Down with another bruised ankle.

Happy teammates at the end of a JV victory.

Introduction of varsity starting line up in the game against Salem Hills

State game against Murray. The only varsity game Will did not play in.

On the bench. This was the only too hot game of the season.

Springville High Varsity Team.

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