Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Past - The lasting tradition of the Christmas Pageant

1983 - Baby Paige in the role of Jesus with Allison, Kristin, Adrienne and John (L-R)

1983 - why has the pool cue fallen out of favor as a shepherd's staff? Kristin and Adrienne

1984 - Name this baby Jesus. Brian or Melissa?

1985 - It's a miracle, baby Jesus can walk!

1988 Laura, Brian, Melissa, Michael, John, Emily, Allison, Adrienne, Kristin, Paige

1990 - a year without a real baby Jesus. This year there will be three - Lily, Bruce and Jack (and if Mindy delivers early there could be FOUR)

1998 - some amigos, err Shepherds, are happier than others....

2000 - Joel, in his debut as baby Jesus, looks for a familiar face - and finds one!

2000 - Is that a camel in the middle of the picture?

2004 - Another miracle, Joseph found his long lost hat and the wise women from Russia visited in their fur hats

2007 - Polly negotiated her contract up until stage time while Jack wanted a costume change.

2007 - Jack channeling Brian from 1985


  1. Cool post. What a fun tradition. This year all can participate by throwing stones at a prophesying Samuel.

  2. Ah the memories! Looking forward to next week! :>)

  3. The camel in 2000 is still wearing those same shoes.
    John's face in 1985 says, "finally, someone else who can be Joseph."
    "And His name shall be . . . Carly!"