Saturday, December 27, 2008

What a Great Christmas Get-together!

The evening started with everyone filling their plate with food and heading for a place to sit down and eat
Most were too busy eating to pay any attendion to the camera.


Ditto again.

Then it was off to the living room to watch the Christmas Pagent.

More Pagent watchers.

First, Samuel the Lamanite (Bob) told of the Jesus yet to come.

Then Mary (Katie) was visited by an Angel (Carly).

Eventually Joseph (Bill) and Mary (Katie) welcomed Jesus (Jack).

They were visited by shepherds (Camilla, McKinley, and Will) plus a sheep (Sarah).

The shepherds in another pose.

Polly and her sheep put in an appearance too.

Close up of the Angel (Carly).

Wise men (Joel and Alex) joined in also.

Katie holds Jack while Aex looks on.

Jesus #1 (Jack) in the manger.

Jesus #2 (Lily) was almost too big for the crib.

Jesus #3 (Bruce) in a safer crib.

Next came the program led off by McKinley at the piano.

Sarah followed next.

Then Joel.

Molly and Amanda followed with a duet.

Finally, the Lundberg girls and their mom sang with Bruce in attendance.

Singing of familiarChristmas Carols with Norda at the piano came next.

Some of the singers.

The next day Will played in the snow while part of the family went skiing at Beaver.

And, finally, proof that we really did have a White Christmas!
Many thanks to all who could make it to Logan and we understand why some of you couldn't make it this year - maybe next time.


  1. What a great Christmas! I already told Grandpa about the baby Jesus mix-up & he said he would get Bob right on it :) Such cute little boys are easy to mix up I guess! Thanks for everything Grandma & Grandpa! It was a great couple days in Logan & I'm sorry we had to take off early with a sick baby. We love you all & it was great to see everyone!

  2. Another great post by Papa John. Thanks again to mom and dad for all of the hard work they put in to host the family Christmas gathering. Always good company and good food. Talk about a White Christmas! It isn't every year we get close to a foot of snow on Christmas. It was so much fun cleaning the cars off and digging out after the pageant because it meant that the next day at the Beav would be EPIC - and it was!

  3. Many thanks to Mom and Dad for giving us a reason to get together. Thanks to all who cooked, cleaned up, and shared talents. What a great family...

  4. Joseph has never looked older . . . but the rest of the cast provided a stellar performance. And speaking of stellar performances, once again the Twin Pines innkeepers provided for a great Christmas celebration. Thanks and love to all.