Wednesday, August 26, 2009

This and that

Joel and Sarah in front of our apartment door ready to leave for their first day of school.

Down the hall and up the many stairs to the school van.

Dad cooked a dinner of stir fry vegetables with fresh ginger and Thai sweet soy sauce (purchased at an Arab market in Beit Hanina). We have also enjoyed spaghetti, french toast and tonight Marie's excellent homemade pizza.

Tonight Joel noted that he is using his jar of vitamins as a countdown for when our time in Jerusalem is up. Each of the kids started out with 360 vitamins.

A vital link on Joel's Keens broke the second day we were here. These are his main school and water shoes. Marie e-mailed REI and Keen. REI (which requested this photo) is working on sending us a replacement part--but we don't think the severed link can be replaced. In the meantime a caribener that was a good-bye present from Aunt Diane is now holding the strap in place.

Every day so far, Will has kept his mother entertained by taking her to the gym for a game of kick volleyball. Marie and Will stand on opposite sides of the net and kick the ball back and forth under the net. Will made up the rules and keeps score so for some reason he is always the winner. Marie may get a rest when Will starts school on Monday.

Marie, Will and I ventured forth to the crowded Jerusalem Mall yesterday to buy her a replacement blow direr for the one she blew out on the first day. She was happy to report that her new purchase worked quite nicely this morning.

Chad finished writing his Old Testament syllabus today. Now he needs to get to work on lectures before the students arrive next week.

For her homework, Sarah has made flash cards for the various writing forms of the first six Arabic letters. She is picking it up quite nicely. It helps that she really likes her Arabic teacher.


  1. Thanks for the report and we hope the vitamins come out even so you won't have to bring the bottles back to Zion. We bet you will all be telling "Jerusalem stories" for years to come after you get home.

  2. Just now getting around to commenting. What a marvelous adventure so far. Your experiences with jet lag, school and church acclimation, along with short forays into the neighborhood bring back memories of Germany with the girls. Any time you can get a forklift for a flat tire, all is well.

  3. Looks like you'll have a full year over there. What an adventure.(And wow, a whole blog named after me. You shouldn't have.)

  4. I KNEW those caribinners would come in handy. I may not be able to spell the word, but I know they can be used for anything!! Diane