Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mt Sinai

Thursday January 28th I climbed Mt. Sinai for the fourth time. Up at 2:30 and on the trail by 3:30. It was a 2 hour climb up a winding snake path and then 800 rock stairs to the summit. It was a cold wait for the sun to rise. It was wonderful to watch the dark sky slowly morph into a bright sunrise.

Hymn singing kept us entertained while waiting for the sun.
Some of the happy BYU students.
My first time up Mt Sinai was in 1982 when I was a student. We camped in sleeping bags at the base near St. Catherine's monastery. There were only a few others on the summit. Nowadays the summit is packed with pilgrims from all over the world.
Church and mosque side-by-side on the summit.
Proof that I made it. I'm glad I bought a hat near Trafalgar Square last month.
The hike down the upper stair section.
Scripture study and testimony meeting near Elijah's spring.
We hiked the rock stair route down. My knees held out better this time. At the base is St. Catherine's monastery.
A quick tour of the monastery complete with the "burning bush" !
The monastery with part of Mt Sinai to the right. The stairs come down between the two peaks on the right. The snake path winds out and around the central peak.
The view from the monastery out to the plains where the children of Israel could have camped (assuming this is the real Mt. Sinai). I'm looking forward to making the hike in May with Marie and the kids. I hope we all make it.

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  1. Just go as slow as you have to to make sure you all make it to the top. Great Pictures!