Monday, June 6, 2011

Sarongs and other fun

Yesterday after church I decided to pull out a sarong to relax in. I used to wear them more often, but it has been years since I last wore one. The kids were intrigued. They all wanted to try one one. We pulled out a box of Indonesian clothing and soon we were all having fun dressing up.
As missionaries in Indonesia we came up with many ways to wear them, including a ninja style as modeled by Will. Will's blue-green sarong is one I bought on one of my first days in Semarang. I wore it (at home) every day of my mission to and from the twice a day mandi (dipper bath) and as a way to cool down in between and after hot days of riding bikes. Sarongs are very functional. If you get cold you can wrap up in them. You can sling them over your shoulder and carry a baby or fruit or anything else in the pouch. If you are back packing through Asia you can use it as a sheet to sleep in. And if you are wanting to swim on a beach in Bali and there is no changing room, you can use the sarong as a changing booth--works quite nicely. The four members of the Semarang Jalan Jambu District getting ready (in 1976) to do a presentation about Islam to the Central Java Zone conference. I am wearing the blue-green sarong that Will is wearing above.

Will started t-ball last week. He is a happy player.
Last Saturday we attended the wedding of my niece Molly Emmett and Austin Seawright in the Provo Temple. Lots of snow on Mt. Timpanogos for June. The Emmett (my brother Jake's family) and Seawright families. For more wedding photos go to the Emmettville blog using the link on the blog side.

Waiting for the backyard reception to begin at my sister Mary's house
We all had fun dancing.

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