Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Joel as a reprise from Jerusalem as a Rubik's cube, Sarah as a character from Percy Jackson--her favorite book series, Will as Manchester United soccer star Wayne Rooney, whose name is on the back of his jersey that he got in London. Sarah decided she was too old to trick-or-treat this year so she stayed home to hand out candy. Joel and his friends willingly let Will tag along with them.
 Will's design--fangs and a scar over his eye.
 Sarah installed the braces

Sarah's eight grade social studies project. The creative daughter of a geographer.

Below is my Saturday and after school project--digging up globe willow roots. I bought my first axe to hack through the many big roots. Last Saturday I planted a new October Glory maple tree with bright red leaves near the stump. Next Saturday I hope to rent a stump grinder to finish off the globe willow.

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  1. Love it. Sarah that is an awesome project and I loved all the creative pumpkins!