Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sarah in the SJHS newsletter

Student’s Create a Periodic Table of the Elements

Mr. Dahl’s fifth-period class in front of the periodic table the students created. 
Attributions: Cassidy Bowers, SJHS Staff Writer 
In Mr. Sam Dahl’s science class at SJHS, the eighth-grade students made a periodic table of the elements.  Mr. Dahl assigned elements from the periodic table to the students, and the students went to a computer lab to research their assigned element.  Darien Karren, a student in Mr. Dahl’s class, said, “The funnest part was getting to draw and getting to color the element cards we made.”  The students were also able to make more element cards for extra credit.

Mr. Dahl said, “I don’t have a periodic table in the classroom besides in the text books.  Then I thought why not just have the students make one?  It seemed like a fun way to learn more about the periodic table.”  The periodic table in Mr. Dahl’s classroom is on a big bulletin board. The element cards that the students made are a half a sheet of paper folded in half. On the front of the paper it has the atomic number, the atomic mass, which state of matter it is in, and of course the name of the element.

Mr. Dahl said, “The most difficult part was doing the research to find the uses of each of the elements and some of their properties. The rest was easy.”

The periodic table the eighth graders created was very successful. According to Mr. Dahl, it turned out great! The students did a really good job making the cards, and he plans on doing it each year from now on. Creating the table was a good experience for the students to more about the periodic table and the elements.

Making Quilts for Primary Children’s Hospital

Allyson Smith, SJHS Staff Writer 
Sarah Emmett and Kelty Cope, eighth graders at Springville Junior High School, are making fleece quilts for Primary Children’s Hospital.  Primary Children's is a hospital that specializes in helping really sick children.
According to Mrs. Adrienne Murray, service learning teacher, Sarah Emmett and Kelty Cope are in charge of the quilt making for Primary Children’s Hospital.

Sarah Emmett said, “When the children from Primary Children’s Hospital come out of surgery, they have a blanket, and they will feel special, and think that someone made this blanket just for me.”

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  1. Very nice Sarah. You are doing great things and even better things for others. How about blankets in shape and periodic table info? Keep up the good work....