Friday, December 7, 2012

Great to be Eight

 Eight years ago today, Will Emmett entered the world. He was the third child to be delivered by Caesarian Section, but the first to be delivered by plan and not emergency.


To celebrate, he invited five friends to come the night before for pizza, cake and swimming.

We drove to the Lehi Aquatic Center to swim. The six boys, plus Joel, loved getting dumped on by the tumbling bucket. They also loved the blackened tube slide which they all did a dozen or more times. Lehi residents Grandma and Grandpa Tueller dropped by to watch the swimming. I hope they feel like their tax contributions to such a fun pool are worth it. Sure wish Springville had a community recreation and aquatic center like this!



This morning Will woke up (earlier than usual) to gifts from the family.

Goalie/keeper gloves, practice cones and a mini soccer ball. 

 Plus a big boy bike. Tonight he will continue to celebrate at a geography department family Christmas party. Sure glad Will is part of our family. He is a keeper (in non-soccer usage).


  1. Happy (late) birthday to Will! Your kids are looking more and more like the pictures of you, growing up! Such a fun family!

  2. Nothing says "Celebrate the Eight" like a geography department Christmas party! Congratulations Will, from Uncle Bill.

  3. It sure looks great to be eight! A swimming party, pizza, soccer gear, and a new bike. Looks like a successful birthday. Happy Birthday Will