Sunday, March 8, 2015

Singapore to Yangon

We set sail from Singapore at 19:30. I stayed up top for at least two hours watching the extensive industrial (container ports and refineries all on land fill extensions) west side of Singapore pass by. I could see the lights of Indonesia off in the southern distance. I stayed up top until we had entered the Strait of Malacca--from where we could see fireworks in distant Malaysia. There were plenty of ships anchored off Singapore harbor and then at the entrance to the strait. Next morning I got a much better look at the busy shipping corridor. I had thought we would be able to see Sumatra or Malaysia but the strait is wider than I imagined.

Because we were traveling in a high piracy areas through the Strait of Malacca, our creative crew tied a scarecrow in an orange jump suit up on the rear fourth deck railing to scare off would be pirates. They also aimed high powered hoses off the rear to help repel them. The captain didn’t seem too worried. He reported to our executive dean that the MV Explorer could outrun any pirate ship that approached.

It was a foggy morning arrival in Yangon.

Crescent moon

Sun rise on the Strait of Malacca

 Four ships in the strait.

 Pirates beware!

Irrawaddy delta from the Rangoon River

 Yangon Port

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