Wednesday, August 19, 2015

First Day

 Senior at Springville High Sarah is the first to leave.

Ninth grader at Springville Jr. High Joel is next. My ninth grade converse all-stars were not high tops. They weren't cool back then.

 Fifth grader at Brookside Elementary Will is last. Two years ago the boys taught me that calf length socks were not in style.  I guess now they are. Less hair gel is also now in style. Once again Nike owes us for outfitting a walking, breathing billboard.

Hope it is a good year for all three.


  1. You must live very close to Gloria's mother. She's only two blocks from Brookside ES. She lives on Chase Lane, the road behind the Ream's grocery store. It's a dead-end street -- she's the last house on the right.

    1. Bob, we live in the north part of Springville near the fish hatchery. Our neighborhood is a busable neighborhood and so in the 17 years we have lived in Springville, our local elementary school has rotated from Art City to Westside, to Brookside and next year to Cherry Creek. Our kids get shifted (jerked) around by the district as an easy way to equalize enrollments.