Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Pajama Game

In an ideal world, the Springville High School musical this year would have been Annie (with short, red-headed Sarah Emmett as Annie) or Fiddle on the Roof (with Sarah as daughter number three--Chava) or Music Man (with Sarah as Mrs. Shinn the mayor's wife), but due to royalty constraints and the personal choices of the directors, Sarah's dream parts were not to be. The Pajama Game was their choice. With coaching and accompaniment by her Aunt Diane, Sarah tried out by singing "I get a kick out of you." She got called back for lead parts but was cast in the chorus as one of the many seamstresses--with a few short solos in Hernando's Hideaway.

While not one of the most popular of musicals, The Pajama Game is lots of fun and has a few familiar songs that have passed the test of time. It is set in the 1950s in a pajama factory where the workers are seeking (via work slow downs and sabotaging of pajamas) a 7 1/2 cent raise and where the head of the grievance committee falls in love with the new foreman who naturally are at odds as management and worker.

Hurry up and sew more pajamas.

Babe, the head of the grievance committee and on the strike committee.

 Watch Babe and the factory girls sing "I'm not at all in love"

Hasler the factory boss who is more interested in profits for him than benefits for his workers.

Sid the new foreman

Fun and games and dancing at the company picnic--"Once a year day"

Entering a drunken stupor.

Meeting the father--who likes to collect stamps.

"There once was a man, who loved a wo-man...."

Threatening to strike.

Singing "Steam Heat' at the union rally.

Getting the cold shoulder from Babe so he ends up looking at the stamp collection with her dad.

This "theater dad" was not impressed with the empty blue binder used the first night for the stamp collection so I dug out my stamp collection book from the 1960s and offered its use as a more authentic prop.

Notice the full page of stamps. I was serious about stamp collecting.

Slowing down production. No more hurry up.

Don't mess with the seamstresses

Trying to motivate more speed by singing "Think of the time I save."

Trying on sabotaged pajama bottoms.

Sarah singing upside down at Hernando's Hideaway where Sid goes to sweet talk a key out of the boss' secretary Gladys (Sarah would have been a good Gladys).

Watch Sarah sing upside down.

Click here to hear Sarah's two other short solos
Hernando's Hideaway part 1

Click here to hear the cast sing
Hernando's Hideaway part 2

Gladys and Sid and jealous Babe after the key exchange.


Sid uses the key to check the Boss' books to find out that profits were high enough for pay raises. He threatens to expose the boss who then gives in to a 7 1/2 cent raise. Sid and Babe get back together. Love and workers win.

Pajama Game Finale


The year in which Joel came to realize more fully that it is not a normal thing for factory workers or people in love to always burst in to song.

Closing night

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