Saturday, April 23, 2016

Senior Prom

Back in the day when Polaroid cameras were the rage, dad decided that he should instantly document our departure to the Senior Ball at Logan High School with a candid photo. Those photos were then arranged on a bulletin board that hung in the Emmett family room up until last year. From right to left is Bill in blue with a ruffled shirt, Bob in salmon (too bad the photo is faded, it was much more colorful), Chad in white with black lapels and ruffles (it was the best they had to offer at the Kater Shop), Jake in black, Mary in white and Tom in black. Below the prom photos are the LDS mission application photos for the five boys.

Linda Willis was my date. We doubled, and went to dinner before the dance at Sherwood Hills up Sardine Canyon. There was no fancy invitation extravaganza, just a phone call.

Tonight Sarah is off to the ball with Brent Williams--a junior who is in her early morning seminary class. Because of forecasted rain for today, their group of three couples switched the day part of their date to a Friday evening hike. Tonight it is dinner and the dance (a the Provo Convention Center--no trying to turn a gymnasium into a cool place by stinging colored plastic across the ceiling).

Love this beautiful girl.

At my ninth grade Christmas Dance when I asked taller-than-me Debbie Dixon to dance, I jokingly grabbed a milk crate from the side of the junior high lunch room to stand on as we danced. I suggested that Sarah might want to give it a try with much-taller-than-her Brent.

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