Thursday, April 7, 2016

Yeti Fourteen: Brighton

We didn't need enticement from this innovative and amusing advertising campaign (it is healthy to laugh at one's own culture sometimes) a few years ago to get us to ski Brighton. We have been skiing Brighton for years. It (and neighboring Solitude) offers free skiing for young children and nice discounts for older children. Two years ago we all got season passes at Brighton. (see a report here: ) Brighton is known as the resort for locals. We saved it for the end of our quest knowing that this was the resort the kids have skied at the most so if we ran out of time and energy we could still claim to have skied every resort in Utah. We chose a great day.

The famous S turn in Big Cottonwood Canyon.

We have been served well by our Subaru Outback.

Wall display showing the evolution of boarding--all of which has occurred in less than my lifetime.

Skiers ski and boarders ride. If Brighton has one negative, it is that some days it seems to be dominated by boarders. Boarders (mostly) are fine, except for the fact that they have a different rhythm and flow to their descent down the mountain that does not always jive with how skiers approach the hill.

My ski partners on Crest Express.

The cabin is for sale. Marie?

From the top of Great Western Express.

Mt. Timpanogos.

Top of the Tram at Snowbird. No wind today.

Heading down our favorite run of the day--Golden Needle. We bombed it from top to bottom a half dozen times. Not too hard, not too soft, well groomed, fun.

Our favorite descent after the big dog leg left turn off of the ridge. Here are videos of each of the kids making smooth, fast turns.

Sarah Skiing

Joel Skiing

Will Skiing

What was the only lodge when I first skied Brighton as a teen is now for brown baggers. 

Mmmmm. Homemade banana bread and sharp cheddar cheese for lunch.

Looking east down on Heber Valley.

Speedy Sarah rocked it in her Grandma Norda's souvenir sweatshirt from the Art institute of Chicago.

We did it! We skied all 14 ski resorts in Utah in one season. Thanks to Ski Utah for setting up the Fifth Grade Passport and the Yeti program. We had a blast.

Here our some of our favorites from this season's ski adventures.

Funnest Yeti Day:
1. Powder Mountain (powder plus friends)
2. Beaver Mountain (powder plus family)
3. Brighton (Spring skiing)
4. Deer Valley (blue and black groomers plus family)

Resort we would love to ski more regularly (if travel time and money are of no concern)
1. Will--Park City
2. Joel--Beaver or Alta
3. Sarah--Powder Mountain
4. Chad--Alta

Resorts that are logistically the easiest and least complicated (easy parking, consolidated base, top to bottom runs):
1. Beaver Mountain
2. Brighton
3. Nordic Valley
4. Snowbasin

Best food:
1. Burgers at Nordic Valley
2. Park City
3. Marie's banana bread

Worst Day (truly a weather thing):
1. Windy, icy Snowbird

Best View
1. From atop Hidden Peak at Snowbird
2. From atop Brain Head

Most scenic drive
1. Logan Canyon up to Beaver Mountain
2. Beaver Canyon to to Eagle Point

Friendliest ski shop manager
1. Tom Emmett at Cherry Peak

Notable Runs
1. Snowchaser at Powder Mountain
2. School Hill at Beaver Mountain
3. Mercury at Park City
4. Golden Needle at Brighton
5. Reward at Deer Valley
6. Men's Downhill at Snowbasin

Adios to a great ski adventure. Next up, skiing as many western states as we can (how about a John and Norda Emmett family reunion next year at Grand Targhee in Wyoming) and then skiing as many continents as we can (Japan, Morocco, Switzerland, Chile and New Zealand for starters). It's always nice to dream.

Happy Dad

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