Saturday, August 24, 2019

Jean Marie Heywood Tueller

Today Jean Marie Heywood Tueller was laid to rest. I am posting these photos for family members to enjoy and especially for family members who were not able to join with us--including six grandchildren--three missionaries serving in Ghana, Russia and South Korean and three studying and working in the Netherlands, Thailand and Singapore.

Read a lovely life sketch written by historian son Jim here:

Sees Chocolates.

Watching the slide show

 From the slide show: Grandma Jean with arms around her three missionaries--Joel



Included among the visitors were those who found friendship with the Tuellers in The Philippines, Panama, Venezuela, Spain and Greece.

 Jean's older sisters Myrl (left) and Helen (right).

 Newest great-grandchild.

 Ending the evening with some songs for Grandma.

 Practicing for the cousins choir singing "Going Home"

Each child spoke for  2 1/2 minutes and told stories and paid tribute to Jean's many wonderful qualities The entire service lasted 55 minutes. Organist Ryan Murphy is a conductor of the Tabernacle Choir.

Listen to a Tab Choir rendition of Goin' Home here: 

The lyrics:
"Mother's there 'specting me
Father's waiting, too
Lots of folk gathered there"
was especially poignant--Jean Marie lost her mother Marie when she was 19 so they have been apart for 70 years.

 Grandpa backed-up by his three sibling: Ben (left), Rod (right), Diane (rear).

These nine grandsons asked to serve as pallbearers are noted for being born in a row over eight years with no granddaughters in between.

 Blaine with the ten Tueller children.

 Grandpa with many of his grandchildren and a few great grandchildren.

 Finding comfort among family and with funeral potatoes! Notice the Nativity centerpieces.

 Diane with her aunt Diane.

Four generations of first born sons.

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