Saturday, September 7, 2013

Happy Things

Happy things from the past ten days:

Accompanying Sarah on the piano as she sang "Where is love" for tryouts for the high school musical.

Finding out that sophomore Sarah got a part in the chorus of "Bye Bye Birdie."

Buying new skis and boots for Joel, new ski parka and pants for Sarah, and new parka for me. 

Family outing to Logan where we enjoyed lunch at Sizzler with Grandma Emmett and then all pitching in to do a short list of chores around her house and yard.

Stopping in Brigham City to buy 1/2 bushel of peaches.

Enjoying those peaches on my Corn Chex every morning for breakfast, in a delicious refrigerator cake made by Sarah and Marie, and sliced with milk as an end of day family dessert.

Lazy Sunday afternoons (one advantage of the 9-12 schedule).

Kids who surprise me with photos  (like the first three photos in this post) on my iPhone.

Watching two boys play and practice soccer. Will is pretty consistently scoring at least three goals each game.

Watching Joel run in his first cross country meet for Springville Junior High.

Seeing Sarah's excitement at starting a beginning ballet class. A project for her English class requires that she try something new (and write about the experience) so she chose ballet. She also considered hiking Mt. Timpanogos with her dad and starting bagpipe lessons (something her dad is checking out). Today she happily bought a leotard, tights and ballet slippers.

Date night with Marie attending the delightful James Taylor--Mormon Tabernacle Choir--Utah Symphony concert in the Conference Center with 25,000 other people. Marie is a long time, big time fan of James Taylor. We had 8 or so family members sign up to hopefully win the randomly distributed tickets and luckily Marie's sister Rachel won two tickets for us to use.

Tomatoes from our garden for dinner in BLTs, taco salad, fish tacos, shrimp salad or just sliced and for lunch everyday in tomato/cheese sandwiches.

Delivering tomatoes to home teachees and a few elderly women in the ward.

Afternoon thunder storms and rainbows.

Occasional morning bike rides to work with cloud cover.

Interacting with excited, interested students at BYU: 175 in my world geography class, 38 in my political geography class and 23 in my southeast Asia class.

Dreams of dining in Singapore.


  1. Ooh I hope Sarah has a good time in ballet! It's one of my favorite things. And congrats on the play! I can also say that learning the bagpipes can lead to some incredible experiences, so I'd encourage any of your kids to do it :) Glad to see you all doing well!

  2. I think my Dad would appreciate Sarah learning the bagpipes! Fresh peaches make me happy too!

  3. I love the positive tone of this post. Life is good and it's mostly the small things that make it that way.