Wednesday, January 7, 2015

San Diego to Ensenada

After a full day of orientation for Chad and city shopping, downloading (movies for Will)  and exploring (Sarah and Joel took a tour of the USS Midway aircraft carrier), we finally set sail at 23:00. Many of the faculty families gathered on the various decks to watch as we sailed out of San Diego Bay. To bed by midnight and then up at 7:30 for breakfast meant that Sarah and Will both ended up falling asleep for an hour on their parents' bed, while waiting for Dad's last orientation meeting. We then all walked into Ensenada where we ate a delicious lunch of beef and fish tacos washed down with refreshing fresh lime and fresh orange juice. The 625 students are all embarking today--having been bused down in shifts this morning from San Diego--apparently foreign registered cruise ships can't sail from one US port to another so our ship had to come to Ensenada before our one day Hawaii stop.  Back at the boat waiting to embark again I noticed a wifif shop. So I have now been able to send two blogs. Next one may come from Hawaii or Tokyo.

 USS midway with string of lights--left center

 Ensenada, Mexico

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