Sunday, May 26, 2019

End of Eighth

 We had a great ski season. Multiple days at Brighton, two days at Deer Valley, two days at Solitude anda fun family day at Beaver Mountain (above). photo by Tom Emmett

A colder than usual spring skiing day at Deer Valley. As ski season wound down, soccer season sprang to life.

Will plays on a Utah Storm premier league team--the top league in the state. He alternates between playing wing and striker. They finsihed fifth for the season.

This was a long and heavy snow year (yea) . I am always impressed with the magnificent back drops at the soccer games the boys play.

 In this game in Alpine, Will got a hat trick!

 State Cup

In the State Cup, Will's team lost, won and then lost.

After school and after soccer standard positioning of bags and shoes.

  For an English project about a book he read, Will enlisted my free hand block letter skills.

 8th grade band concert

 Piano recital participants with teacher Sue Smith.

8th grade awards assembly. 4.0 GPA two years running and selected one of several outstanding math students by the math teachers.

Second time.

Happy siblings. With Sarah at BYU and Joel heading to Ghana, Will will soon be the only child at home. He has claimed the basement as his own and is not sure how he is going to survive four long years with his old (his term--and it's true) parents.

One evening Will came in to tell me to come see the  photo worthy sky. It was.

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