Friday, June 21, 2019

Statues of Art City (Springville)

This one spoke to me.

When I purchased a lot in Springville in 1996 one of the attractions of this city was its strong sense of community which I had observed in visits here to enjoy the Art Museum, Art City Days and the annual folk dance festival. Since moving here I have come more fully to appreciate its focus on the arts. 

Last year I happened across this map showing the many statues of Springville. Since then I have been hoping to visit and photograph each of the statues. I finally did it this week, on my bike, with this map, on four different rides (three evenings and one morning) that took me from my home in north Springville west to Westside Elementary, East to Hobble Creek Golf Course and south to Evergreen cemetery and private home.

1. Passage of the Horse in front of Art City Trolley Restaurant.The photos are posted in the order I saw them.

2. In front of Westside Elementary

3. This group of nine sculptures as part of the Springville Veterans Memorial at the historic cemetery on 400 South.





13. Many statues in front of the Art Museum. Don't  know if this is a bag of leaves, wheat or oats. No known name of the sculptor or the name of the statue. Added info: Farmer with Grain Sack by Gary Ernest Smith.

14. Added info: Effron by Neil Wesley Hadlock

There are many more sculptures on display in side the Springville Art Museum.


17. Added info: Contested Meal by Korry R. Bird









 "Friends cherish each others hopes. They are kind to each others dreams." Thoreau


Love the detail of the marbles falling out of his pockets and on the ground.

"Friendship is a sheltering tree."



28. Flower Girls

29. Boy on Globe


Beet or a turnip, either one is delicious.

31. In front of a home on 400 East between Center and 100 South (Chambers family). Not on the map.

 32. The Messenger at Evergreen Cemetery.

 Very touching. It is surrounded by graves of infants.

 33. Bronco Buster in front of a home in southernmost Springville. I rode right past it, but I asked some bike riding girls and they directed me to the house "with the big rose bushes."

 Lawn ornaments don't count.

Do fiberglass or plastic statues count?

 Cute, but not bronze. In front of TLC.

 DO wood carvings of a bear and eagle count? In front of a home of Kolob Circle.





 38. September









Fountain in front of the Library.

 Joel joined me for a Friday morning ride up Hobble Creek Canyon to the Golf Course.


We found this rock fountain about where the map indicated there would be a statue called Caddie. I asked around and it is not to be found. Added info: One reader indicated that the Caddie is a small sculpture on display in the pro shop.

 48. Two sculptures at the Arts Park behind locked fences.


 50. At Springville High School



 53. Boy with Watering Can in front of lovely home on the corner of 200 South and 400 East.


55. Larger version





 60. These new sculptures at the new splash pad are not on the map.





 65. Victory Fountain.







 72. Abraham Lincoln








 80. New Heights




All Creatures of our God and King

 84. Frog Ball



At least 86 statues--pretty impressive for a small Utah town. If you have more info on the names of any unidentified sculptors or unnamed statues please let me know (

 On 400 North between 400 and 5000 East.
While riding around this lovely town I thought a nice addition to our many beautiful sculptures would be to place sculptures in front of some (or all) of the churches. Congregations could seek donations and then commission local artists to sculpt something biblical or inspirational. The LDS Chapel on Main has a central location and plenty of lawn to house a sculpture. Maybe it should be the first project.

I'm willing to chair a committee to raise funds and place a sculpture in front of the Pavilion Chapel.


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