Sunday, December 6, 2009

Birthday Will

Today in anticipation of Will's fifth birthday we went on a family outing to Toys R Us. He got to pick out his own presents (twice the cost of what we would pay in Orem). We then had an excellent lunch of hummus and pita bread in the old city followed by the kids all buying lambs wool slippers to wear on the cold tile floor of our apartment. Tomorrow Will will celebrate with cupcakes at his pre-school and then when the students get home from the Dead Sea/Masada field trip we will celebrate with the students--Marie plans to bake 5 chocolate sheet cakes for the occassion.

For more fun photos of Will go to Beit Emmett.


  1. As an uncle, I love this "attitude" picture of Will but as a parent it would make me a little nervous. No really. What a great kid. Sounds like a fun birthday. (I'm glad he got over the wardrobe malfunction in time to perform in the talent show.)

  2. December birthday's are the best... or at least in the top 12. Happy Birthday Will.

  3. December Birthday's are the best as well as Birthday's celebrated outside of the United States! Happy Birthday Will!