Saturday, December 5, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday Will

In celebration of Will's fifth birthday, I invited the students to submit favorite photos of Will. He is quite the star of the center. The students miss younger siblings and nieces and nephews, so our three kids get a lot of attention.

For the non-formal talent show, the Emmett Family Singers led off the three hour event with our rendition of "Oh We're from Nairobi" complete with actions. When we sang "we're seven feet tall" I lifted Will up onto my shoulders. Will then pumped his arms to the umph ah umph umph ah section and then in a Nixonesque pose flipped the audience a double peace sign as we walked off the stage. The crowd went wild. We practiced our song and came up with the choreography during Family Home Evening on Monday night. Will was wearing longish athletic pants and as I went to lift him up on my shoulders, I stepped on the hem of his pants, so Will went up and his pants stayed down! It was a funny moment. Will however was very embarrassed to be pantless on his dad's shoulders and started to cry, but by morning he was able to join in laughing at an entertaining dress and "undress" rehearsal. We had no wardrobe malfunctions in the actual performance.

Today in anticipation of Will's fifth birthday we went on a family outing to Toys R Us. He got to pick out his own presents (twice the cost of what we would pay in Orem). We then had an excellent lunch of hummus and pita bread in the old city followed by the kids all buying lambs wool slippers to wear on the cold tile floor of our apartment. Tomorrow Will will celebrate with cupcakes at his pre-school and then when the students get home from the Dead Sea/Masada field trip we will celebrate with the students--Marie plans to bake 5 chocolate sheet cakes for the occasion.


  1. It looks and sounds like Will, along with Sarah and Joel, has captured the hearts of the students and is really having a great time. Good for him and HAPPY BIRTHDAY again. You will all have to repeat the "Oh We're From Nairobi" presentation, without the costure failure, when you get back.

  2. Looks and sounds like a fun time. Was there video of Oh We're from Nairobi? I'd love to see it.