Friday, September 28, 2012


 Provo Canyon

Grape Harvest


Will eying it up...

Then in for a goal. Will and his friend Trent each usually score about three goals a game.

Sarah running cross-country for Springville Jr. High. She is a steady runner, never walking or slowing down, and always finishing in the middle of the pack.

Joel with a near miss at a goal. A few minutes earlier he scored a beautiful goal.

Mueller Park in Bountiful--a beautiful setting for a Friday evening soccer game. (Joel is in control of the ball)

The Bountiful LDS Temple

Down below in the bright of the setting sun is the Great Salt Lake.

It was no TV or electronics week at Brookside Elementary which, as hoped, led to some creative play with some old toys.


  1. Tell Sarah I'm super impressed by her cross country pictures!! She looks great! Wish I'd started at her age. She'll be way ahead of the game, especially mentally. Will looks epic, as always! And I can't believe how big Joel's getting. Great action shots! Love the leaves!
    Thanks for inspiring me. Gotta blog Germany!!

  2. What a ravishing fall. Thanks, Chad.